Make extensions, braid hair, color hair, serve customers and manage your own DIY Hair Extensions salon. This barber shop game has a bunch of different styling options. You can dye your customers’ hair with different colors, including rainbow color. Give your customers a nice haircut, try out various hair tattoo options and also style your customers with necklaces, sunglasses and hats. Yes, you can give a complete makeover to your customers.

Play the story and experience the life of a salon owner. Encounter drama and all the ups and downs of running your own salon. You will have women and girls of all age groups coming to visit, each with their own requirements. Expand you salon to various cities and become a true tycoon. Start with Atlanta, and move your way up to London, Paris and then eventually Hollywood California. Throw parties, serve celebrity customers and work your way up to eventually be in the running for the best hair stylist in the world. It’s a challenging task but are you up for it?

There are awesome steps in this game like converting afros into cornrows, converting messy hair into slick, straight hair and a lot more. You even get to become a specialist at combing baby hair. But hair is sensitive so be careful while attending to your customers.

Game Features:
– Simple one finger controls
– Manage and expand your own hair salon
– Give the most spectacular makeovers!!

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Jessica Simon
I can’t stop playing Triple Tap Games’ latest release! The graphics are incredible, the gameplay is smooth, and the overall experience is nothing short of amazing.

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